Thursday, November 6, 2014

P.S. You Have Parasites!! PART ONE

Seriously... you'll never look at yourself or food the same way again.  I don't want to startle you, but.... YOU have parasites.  We all do.  If you have a dog, if you have children, if you EAT, you have parasites.

That's the bad news.

The good news is, not everyone is negatively affected by them.  The even better news is, we can get rid of them. It takes a little bit of commitment.  It takes a little bit of patience, but knowing the absolute change that can occur, I think you'll find that it is worth it.

So if you read MY STORY, you will have read that after three main turn of events, I was basically bed-ridden. I was debilitated, taken out by something, that at the time,  I wan't even sure what it was.

I have an open mind.  And when you're sick... you should.  I believe by remaining hopeful, sharing my experiences, and actively looking for a cause of my ailments, I attracted the answers.   A friend and follower on Facebook, sent me the link to a blog that ABSOLUTELY spoke to me.  Every symptom that was listed, described ME.  I kept reading, and researching, and reading some more and I kept thinking...this HAS to be parasites.  This newfound knowledge would explain my many symptoms.


sick to stomach when I eat
eye pain
bad taste in mouth
achy joints
overwhelmed-ness: is that a word??
out of this world sugar cravings
brain fog
memory issues/forgetfulness
easily annoyed
extreme fatigue
clenched teeth
teeth grinding
sinus pressure
low to no sexual drive
tender stomach
unexplained weight gain/unable to lose weight these symptoms can pretty much describe 90% of who I know and talk to... but if you believe that everyone has parasites, or believe the teachings of Dr. Hulda Clark, then you would believe that all ailments are connected to pollutions and parasites.   I picked up this book and have been reading it like mad-scientist.  If you want to learn a LOT, pick it up. 


So you might be wondering WHAT the heck a parasite is.   The best way I can describe it is an organism that found it's way into your body and has attached itself to your insides and is living off of you, eating your food, affecting your mood, controlling your cravings and swaying your decisions.  Seriously I'm speaking from experience here.  Parasites can live in your colon, intestines, liver, kidneys, blood, brain, and even your EYE BALLS!!!

Dr. Hulda Clark would say: "A parasite is a tiny organism that lives on or in another host organism and is fed at the expense of its host. In other words the parasites that live inside us use up our vitamins, proteins and all other nutrients. Not only do they do this, they also do their "business" inside us releasing their toxic bacteria and viruses inside us." 


Parasites do not discriminate   They do not only affect the poor or exist only in third world countries. In fact, they are everywhere.  If you have a dog, you have parasites. If you walk barefoot outside, you have parasites. Have children?? Yup... you guessed it... you have parasites.  The mere thought of this can freak you out!!  I KNOW.  But do not fret. There are actually easy and inexpensive ways to rid your body of them. 

I am going to share what I am doing and how I have dramatically changed in the past 3 weeks.  


My Protocol:

I'm gonna keep this as simple and short as I can. And it IS easy. You just have to be diligent and consistent and plan out your day. 

Ok, you're gonna need 3 ingredients for the cleanse and a good probiotic. 
The first two ingredients (psyllium husk and bentonite clay) combined, are your colon cleanse. 
You can buy them here: 
The third product is a combination of three herbs mixed with alcohol (called a tincture) This is a very crucial part of the cleanse. You can get it here: 
Wormwood, Black Walnut Husk and clove Tincture

These ares the brands I am using.  Dr. Hulda Clark has the SAME ingredients but in different forms.  I have ready MANY forums and these seem to be the most effective and least expensive.  ((You can of course check out different Bentonite Clays such as Living Clay or Redmond Clay.))

The fourth piece of this cleanse is a good Probiotic. I use Orthomolecular Ortho Biotic. I suggest a good probiotic that ranges in the $40-$50 area.

Ok, so when I first started this protocol, I was hopeful.  Like, I know that we aren't all supposed to be sick and feeling like crap. It's just a  matter of researching and not giving up until you get answers.  And I ain't talking about prescriptions or western medicine, I'm talking about finding blogs like this one where you can think outside the box and take control.  

((Back on track))....Going into the cleanse, I was eating clean, exercising regularly, living my normal healthy life, yet my appearance and insides were not matching my lifestyle. 

I figured these are just herbs (and only $27 if you have Amazon Prime) what could it hurt??  

I started my cleanse on a Tuesday night. I didn't wait until a Monday, I just STARTED.  

When I say you need to prepare I mean it.  

Here's what I did: 

Take colon cleanse Psyllium husk and bentonite clay (directions below) as soon as you wake up on an empty stomach. Chug 8 oz of water immediately.
Wait 1 hour, then make your parasite cleanse drink. Put two droppers (not two drops, TWO DROPPERS FULL) full in a glass of water and chug. 
Follow with another glass of water.
Wait another 1 hour after your parasite cleanse drink, then take a probiotic and eat breakfast.
2 hours before dinner (1 hour between colon and parasite drink, 1 hour between parasite drink and eating), repeat this entire process with another two droppers full.  This is the part that need PLANNING!!  You will basically go 4 hours without eating.  Totally worth it. 
This means you will have one colon cleanse and one parasite drink in the morning, and one colon cleanse/one parasite drink in the evening.
COLON CLEANSE: Ok, as soon as you wake up, and 2 hours before dinner on an empty stomach, take a P&B colon cleanse shake. To make a P&B shake, get 8 oz of water or juice, and add 1 tablespoon whole psyllium husks + 1 tablespoon liquid bentonite. Immediately shake and drink quickly. Follow with an 8 oz glass of water immediately. DO NOT MIX WITH METAL UTENSILS! ONLY SHAKE THIS! LIQUID BENTONITE DETOXES HEAVY METALS AND WILL PULL YOUR UTENSIL METAL INTO YOUR DRINK.
Once again, wait 1 hour after drinking the P&B shake, then take the wormwood tincture with water. An hour after that take your probiotic and eat. It is important to follow the time guidelines I've given you because bentonite clay will absorb everything in it's path, including the nutrients from your food and the herbs from the parasite cleanse drink.

OK.  That should get you started.  This is a lot of information and a lot to take in.  

Check in tomorrow to read PART TWO about my experience the past 3 weeks, FAQ, cleansing while breastfeeding and pregnant, and daily foods you can add into your diet to help stave off this unwanted critters.  ...that just sounds weird. 

Tune in for the follow up!!


  1. Does the tincture have clove in it or do you have to add it?

  2. Thank you for sharing your journey! I'm curious, do you only see things in your stool or is urine a possibility as well?

    1. What I've learned from parasite cleansing is.... ANYTHING is possible!

      I didn't personally experience exits from places other than the rectum., but I've read some STUFF! :)

  3. Hey! I was wondering how long you did this for and did you up your dosage like Dr Clark did everyday? TY!

    1. I did 2 weeks on and 1 week off for a total of 6 cleansing weeks. I followed Hulda Clark's ingredients but not her actual protocol. I increased my wormwood droppers from 1 to 2 in my 2nd week. I wanted to be aggressive.

  4. When you say two droppers full....droppers full of what? The wormwood? In the orange bottle?

  5. Two droppers full of the black walnut hull, clove and wormwood tincture. :)

  6. Hey Lindsay! Are you just eating 2 meals a day during this...breakfast and supper?! Or is there time for a noon meal. I guess I'm not quite clear on the timing. Thanks so much!!